Reasons to Use Electric Kettles  

an electic kettle in the kitchen

Electric kettles are simple household appliances that contain a heating element. When you plug them into an electrical outlet, current flows to the element that’s in direct contact with water, rapidly heating it. Therefore, electric kettles make work easy and less time-consuming. When you use a pan to boil water, it can expose you to risks of burns. However, when using this appliance, you don’t have to visit the kitchen when you need to boil water for a glass of tea. Instead, you place the kettle where you feel comfortable and make your favorite beverage. 

Some models look like regular kitchen kettles, while others are modeled like jugs, called electric jugs. My Home Selection reviews the best kettles, so you can check them out if you need to find a suitable hard-water kettle.

Below are reasons to use electric kettles:

They Make Better Tasting Coffee and Tea

make better coffee and teaWhen you boil water with a stovetop or a microwave, you are never sure of the results. Unless you are equipped with a thermometer, you cannot achieve perfect temperatures. However, the modern electric cattle are fitted with inbuilt temperature controls, meaning you can select the proper heating. In addition, some allow for personalized settings. Therefore, if your partner has a different preference, you can both have the hot water temperatures that you need.

They Are Safer

electric kettles are saferElectric kettles contain an auto shut-off feature that makes them a safe option compared to other cooking appliances. The kettles automatically stop the boiling process when the liquid starts bubbling, unlike in traditional stove kettles. This helps to avoid over-boiling or spillage out the top of the kettle. Additionally, they protect you from open flame exposure on a gas burner, preventing accidental burns.


They Are Energy Efficient     

electric kettles save saves costsElectric kettles are arguably the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances you can use to heat water rapidly. Not even a stovetop or a microwave can compare to its energy efficiency. Electric kettles are 80% more efficient compared to microwaves and stoves. If you need to control your electricity bill, you can try using the electric cattle. Also, they are famous worldwide and have a variety of models you can choose from. Those with the best features cost more compared to those with standard specifications.

They Help to Purify Water

Boiling water to 160 degrees or above kills pathogens and bacteria living within it. Boiled water is safe to drink, especially when traveling away from advanced industrial purification systems in developed countries. Also, drinking boiled water has other health benefits besides eliminating dangerous bacteria. It stimulates digestion, helps in weight loss as you feel fuller, and improves blood circulation.